Precision Livestock Farming for livestock performance

LITUUS offers a decision support tool for cattle farms based on high performance IoT.

A smart connected collar analyses cow's behaviour 24/7 and informs farmers about animal health and oestrus periods.


The collar installed on the neck of each cow, permantently collects and sends data about the activity and health state of the animal.

The data are then analyzed with dedicated algorithms. The algorithmes are updated regularly.

The farmer is notified at any time thanks to the SMS messages and access to the analysed data of each animal through the web platform and apps accesible via PC, smartphone and tablets.

Veterinarians and farm employees are connected to the farmer web platform. The farmer can share with his/her partners if needed.



The system helps to detect oestrus to act in time.

Working comfort

The farmer is informed automatically in case of alerts and has access to the data at any time.

Animal welfare

Each animal individually and the entire herd is permanently controlled to inform the farmer in case of problems.

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