Animal welfare for better performance.

Patented innovative smart solution

which collects a new type of data related to behavior and environmental perception of each animal.
The system helps farmer to act in time to ensure optimal herd performance.



annual gain per cow.

Up to


of timesaving per day.

Up to


better performance due to herd welfare.


French farmer

LITUUS Collar enables me to check remotely the real-time state of my herd. I can monitor behavior of my animals at any moment and the system alerts when needed. Automated pastoral day counting frees me from every day’s paperwork.


French farmer

Since I equipped my farm with the LITUUS technology, I have access to reliable information which helps me to make right decisions quickly. I can be less present in my cowshed since the collars miss no events that I need to be aware of. And this comfort is priceless! This technology brings me agility and serenity.

Turnkey solution for optimal decision making.

Smart Collars.

Monitors your herd 24/7.
Easy to install with a standard 40mm webbing.
Stabilized with a 500g counterweight.
5 min data reading interval.
Robust, waterproof, reliable.
5+ years battery life.

User friendly interface.

Per-herd and
per-animal management.
Reproduction, health and welfare
data analysis.
Multi-device and multi-user.
24/7 Alerts: stay informed with real-time SMS alerting.

An everyday asset to evaluate the welfare of your herd.

Flexible solution with 2 options.

Estrus detection in cows
Estrus detection in heifers
Health trouble detection
Feed trouble detection
Individual behavioral profile for each animal
Thermal comfort / thermal stress evaluation
Light comfort evaluation
Automated pastural day count (optional)
Dashboard with main metrics
SMS Alerts
Mobile App (Android et IOS)
Animal and alert manager
Information and weather
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